Toners get a bad rap. Toner is a very important step in skincare as it is designed to restore the PH that your skin naturally rests at. Toner is not designed to be drying or used as spot treatment. If you have had a bad experience with toners, let us help. It could be that no one taught you the correct way to use it. Toners bring your skin to the correct PH that cleansing your skin has disrupted. (which is normal) This makes your products more effective, your skincare routine smoother and more user friendly and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to start or end the day.

Nutritional Toners

  • Don't over do it! One spray will do it. Take the bottle and hold it directly pointing toward your face. Close your eyes and spray it on your skin. Don't waste time and product by spraying it on a tissue or other cloth. This absorbs into the cloth and you end of having to spray more to get the product on your skin. Pat your skin with your hands all the way out toward your ears. (Because your face extends all the way out there!)  Now, you are done. You want to use one spray each time you cleanse your skin.

    Still have questions or concerns? Call or come in and let us show you how to do this very important step. We have tons of information we can give you and recommendations as well.